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The conference will be held at Central Library of Politehnica University of Timişoara, located on Vasile Parvan Boulevard, No. 2B.

Timişoara is the capital of Banat County and is situated in Western Romania. For information about Timisoara, you can visit http://www.welcometoromania.ro/Timisoara/Timisoara_Timisoara_e.htm and for information about Politehnica University of Timişoara you can visit www.upt.ro


You can reach Timisoara by plane, by train or by car:

- by plane: - the best option is to fly directly to Timisoara; Please access the Timisoara Airport webpage for more informations about the flights and the connections with the airport.

- the second option is to fly to Budapest, then take the shuttle (Recreation) or travel by train (either way, you can expect a 4 to 7 hours ride).

- the third option is to fly to Bucharest, then take another flight or reach Timisoara by train or by bus.

- by train: as travel duration, to reach Timisoara it takes 3 hours from Belgrade (Serbia), 6 hours from Budapest (Hungary) and about 8 hours from Bucharest.

For informations about domestic train travel please access the Romanian Railways website. For international train connections all over Europe, please access the Austrian Railways website. Look for "Timisoara Nord" railway station.

- by car: As Timisoara is situated in the western part of Romania, maybe it is easier for you to travel by car, especially if you come from Serbia, Hungary or Austria.

From Wien to Budapest take the highway M1, pass M0 round Budapest, then take the highway M5 to Szeged. Before Szeged you have to change the highway and take M43 up to Mako/Arad/Bucharest. You pass the border at Nagylak 2/Nadlac 2 (on highway), and will continue in Romania on the highway M1, pass near Arad and then head to Timisoara. After 30 minutes of driving, you take "Exit Timisoara", and will continue on the national road 691, pass near Giarmata and through Dumbravita; you will enter in Timisoara and will continue to the center of the town (see a photo here for the route from the Magyar/Romanian border to the Rectorate Building of Politehnica University.)  


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Here is a list of countries whose nationals are exempted from the Romanian visa requirement. You can find more informations here. If you are not sure if you need a visa then please contact well in advance the Romanian embassy in your country.



A limited number of rooms are available in one of the University-owned hotels (Casa Poli 1 - www.upt.ro/casapoli1  and  Casa Poli 2 - www.upt.ro/casapoli2). They are located at approximately 15 minutes walking distance from the Central Library Building, where the conference will take place. The accommodation fee at the Casa Poli 1 hotel is approximately 22 EUR/day for a single room and approximately 32 EUR/day for a double room and includes lodging and breakfast. The accommodation fee at the Casa Poli 2 hotel is approximately 34 EUR/day for a single room and approximately 43 EUR/day for a double room and also includes lodging and breakfast.

The accommodation in the above locations can be arranged by the Steering Committee (Contact persons). Since the number of available rooms is limited, please ask for reservation as soon as you complete the  Registration Form and pay the Conference Fee.

Other hotels, conveniently situated at less than 25 minutes walking distance from the main venue of the conference are:

The participants will need to make their own arrangements directly to these hotels.

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